Thursday, 19 April 2012

Artist. John Whitelaw.

Drawing inspiration from Liverpool’s heart demonstrates the passion that floods from his work; ‘What has happened, what we, as a city, have been through. What Liverpudlians are all about, our culture’ Whitelaw tells a story. This inspiration which fuses history with a renovating art scene shows Whitelaws answer to the obligation of Liverpool’s art month; ‘It’s necessary to keep things fresh and challenge the old ways’. His work is a passionate mixture that takes inspiration from street art, to the buildings its displayed upon.

The use of language provides a unique texture and shape and with exciting new prospects of collaborations with poets and song writers there is the construction of a whole new dimension. Whitelaws work incorporates not just art, but the personality of a city firing up attention; Liverpudlians are romantic, visionary, creative and extremely funny and I think this is what’s getting noticed.

Words Samantha Elms. 

Whitelaw will be showing his collection along with 3 other artists at 

(Matt Ford & dot-art present)
The Art Show SS12.
Thurs 3th May. 7pm At Camp and Furnace.

For more info visit the Art Show facebook page