Friday, 29 January 2010

Fashion predictions for Spring/Summer 2010.

Hello, been a while hasn't it.

I wrote this article over christmas however its only just been published in Gossip magazine so here it is.

Unfortunately Chanel doesn’t make crystal balls, however Gossip has asked me to forecast the forthcoming trends for 2010.

Where to begin?

To make an informed decision and not to just repeat last week’s Grazia I’m going to have to pull out all the stops and call all the best fashion designers, press offices and stylists I know. Already I’m lost in an array of conflicting opinions of what’s going to be big this year. I mean anyone can see one designers collection (be it their own) and pass their opinion off as the must have look to be seen in next season.

So back to the drawing board and a very long browse through and After looking at designer collections by the best in British design to find out if claims that neon really will be back (already), polka dots, head to toe denim, belly tops and tracksuits with heels actually are the way forward. This is what I found.

Firstly the trends that took us all by storm this year, like Gingham and 80’s influence have again been masterfully reinvented in many Spring/Summer collections. Christopher Bailey, the creative force behind Burberry, has used delicate pastels and intertwining silk in a subtle puffball effect on his skirts through out the collection. The effect has also featured one of the best reinventions of the trench I’ve seen; the soft looking summer coat with 80’s pointed shoulders. Aspects of this combination of ideas will surely be filtered through to the high street and be wearable to a wide age range.

With designers rebelling again last years color blocking, the new stripped down pallet of nudes, cream and naturals is also featured in other collections including Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane,. Their S/S10 collections consist of baby blues and pinks, creamy yellows, while John Galliano at Dior has utilised a decidedly dark and vampy feel. The 3 designers, amongst others, are showing a lot of lightweight metallic fabrics. This is new for a summer wardrobe and definitely something to look out for.

However if you still desire bolder colors for wild summer nights then after a sneak peak of what Topshop has to offer next year you can try their ‘La Latina’ looks which contain hip-hop influences, 80’s and 90’s inspiration and ‘tongue in cheek’ street wear. With super cropped Tee’s and sequin detailing, this is not for the demure! Plus with Christopher Kane’s use of sequins on his white floral motifs, it proves that this trend will also last longer than winter ‘09.
As for neon going to be back in already. Sam from tells me this time around it will be influenced by the punk era rather than 2007’s new rave.

Next on my travels to find out what’s coming up in style for 2010 I paid a visit to Voodou’s art director and British hairdresser’s awards 09 nominee Phill Gallagher. He claims that after another uncertain financial year, clients are still going for darker, shorter and longer lasting hairstyles that in my eyes look sophisticated on anyone. His most sort after celebrity style is Frankie from the Saturdays bob. 

 If you’re like me though and never quite sure whether to believe the hype, then you’ll just have to wait and see.