Friday, 28 August 2009

2 nil for the fashion independents.

With the arrival of 2 new independent retailers, Liverpool is reclaiming its ability to provide it self with unique and individual apparel.

Firstly in the ever evolving Lewis department store on Renshaw street, with its first floor containing nearly all independent Liverpool designers and retailers, is the new home to the FAB shop. From the creators of F.A.B. (fashion and business magazine, (click here for online issue) the shop is selling entirely one of pieces from 4 hot new scouse designers selling accessories as well as clothes.

(Click all images to enlarge.)

John maines from the 'whatever' label, Has 3 rails selling his collection of playfully punk garments. If you have a little imagination in what you wear then his deconstructionist style including hareem shorts and (a hot off the catwalk look) snoods, for those who don't know, they are scarfs that appear to be hoods. A lot of his clothes are cleverly unisex too.

Jenny Murphy on the other hand only caters for girls but still has slightly punk elements by using lots of pink neon leopard print and her clubby shift dresses are perfect if you want to own something totally original that will make you stand out in the crowd.

For a more classic, vintage dresser another in house designer Helen Brown, is creating evening dresses all with unique twists.

Finally we have Just Jo and Felicity! that will be designing for the new label 'model of Duty'.
A range of T-shirts featuing slogans and icons.

If there are wannabe designers that want to have a go at designing their own t-shirts then F.A.B. are running a competition. 10 lucky winners will have the chance of featuring their designs in the forthcoming F.A.B. fashion show and 1 winner will have their design in the Lewis window display.

For more info pop in the 1st floor of Lewis for a chat with one of the designers on their in store living room or go on to their facebook events page (click here)

The Fab store also provides a 'Make do and mend' alteration and made to measure service.

Now Kirsty Doyles shop has finally opened in the met quarter, i thought I'd pop down to have a gander and take a few snaps of the luxury displays. For all the info on the store from the jewelry range by and the latest collection, click here.

I hear another massive Liverpool favourite is on her way to the met quarter, but you will have to wait to find out who.

Matt. x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Street style 2.

Millie Dollar. Occupation: Burlesque Performer.

Millie Dollar, popped into the studio while on the way to her friends birthday.
She describes her style as Vintage 40's.
Millies Stlye Icons are Mammie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield, Julie London.

Earings: Pearlesque.
Shoes: JoJo Jellys.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

August 09 . Liverpool fashion scene update.

The futures bright and thank god it's not orange.

Move over wannabe wags and make way for Livercool.

(photo taken behind the scenes at the Kirsty Doyle Autumn/Winter 09 collection shoot, full collection click here)

Scouse Girls and boys can finally make a style statement with national credibility, with Kirsty Doyle putting the finishing touches to her boutique originally due to be open on the 25th Aug (this has been pushed back a couple of days) in the Met quarter and the new flag ship Topman/shop store due open on the 17th of September.

The new store at a whopping 38,000 sq ft, will be the second biggest in the country, London being the biggest, but it will stock every concession they have down south including the much anticipated Christopher Kane for Topshop Range. The store will also have its very own Voodou hair salon and 'Scin'' offering organic beauty treatments.

Competition: Anyone who gets 4 off their mates to comment on this post saying ''Give your name a Voodou voucher '' can have £10 off a Voodou Haircut. This offer is courtesy of Topman.)

If your thinking of going shopping on the 17th of September you must keep your eye out for the branded Topshop/Man taxis, flag one down and it will take you to the store for free, there will also be vans driving around giving out vouchers worth anything between £5 and £500 pounds.

Now here's where I will be involved. The lovely Press team from London office have commissioned me to shoot as many trendy shoppers on the launch day for my street style blog, the pics will also be on the website and used for their mail out that goes out to 200,000 people!

(Jamie Stafford was the first person to take part in my street style blog. To read about Jamie's style click here!).

So you could be famous in 15 clicks!

If you would like to be photographed for this drop me an email with your details on.

Well if this high street treat wasn't enough to give us all a northern fashion capital confidence boost, then I'm sure this will. After the fairly low key launch of Lola Loves boutique, in the national famous cavern walks back in may, I say low key because after the launch Debby Bogg, Lola loves Head Designer, has been busy getting national coverage of her clothes in celebrity shoots for Ok Magazine as well as just local press, thus succouring her place in the hierarchy of the Liverpool fashion elite.

(Lola Loves Spring/summer 09 collection Click here full collection)

In case you don't know about the label. Lola love, in my opinion make dresses for the new sophisticated breed of scouse girl/(woman). Her clothes are with out a doubt statement pieces and are now becoming widely recognisable and sort after.

Her Aut/win 09 collection that i will be photographing in the next couple of weeks, (keep your eye out on here to see it first) will be her best yet. After seeing a sneak preview of the puff ball, rippled pencil skirts in almost seamless fluid silk and other garments using lots of luxury lace. started to see all the well executed use of 80's influences but the collection still somehow retains a very modern feel.

There's a new mag style mag in town! Gossip magazine, who had the Launch party in Rococo on the 30th of July. Being one of the best launches I've been to in a long time, (well i have been to the opening of a few envelopes this year) i actually stayed til the end. Mingling with the reality stars and viewing the new free Liverpool Glossy, that's now available in met quarter, L1, topshop and lots of other shops around town. Keep your eye out for it its full of great style tips fashion and celeb interviews.

I've also been busy photographing backstage at the De La Mode Fashion show at the Priory in Preston. Here is a sneak preview of the pics. (there will be more uploaded soon with full clothing credits.)

In the next 2 weeks I'm shooting campaigns for booby trap corsets, a new concession range at New Look and the next stage of the British hairdressing awards pics for Voodou. We now have a 1 in 6 chance of winning an award, which will be an amazing achievement, i can't wait to go down to London for the awards. So keep checking the blog for all the pic updates.

Thanks for reading.

Matt x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Street Style 1.

Street Style is my new addition to the blog, at the beginning of every week I will post a profile of a different person and ask them all the same 2 basic questions:
1. Who are your style Icons?
2. What inspires your style?

They're all real people with their own choice of outfit on, and rather than grabbing people in the street with outfits they wouldn't really want to be photographed in, they have the chance to plan a good one.
If you want to be in Street Style email me

Jamie Stafford. Occupation: Hairdresser at Voodou for him Bold St.

''I love random clothes,
every week I try to out do my self,
I usually succeed.''
(click images to enlarge.)

''My style is trapped in the 80's, and ever so conservative!
Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith is massively cool and Issy Blow the infamous fashionista is one of my fashion heroes.''

Boots: All Saints.
Jeans: Topshop.
Jacket: Topshop.
T-shirt: All Saints.
Necklace/rings: Vivienne Westwood and Claudia Pink.
Glasses: Oscar Mag Nuson.

(more street style every week, either check this blog or add mattfordphoto on twitter to get notification on all updates.)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The De La Mode Fashion show- 2 premiere tickets and free transport from Liverpool to the event, for the first to email me asking.

The De La Mode Fashion Show 2009 is taking place this year at Fives in Preston, one of the Northwest's hidden gems, the stunning building features 3 floors each offering beautiful surroundings. There will be a collection of designer and vintage collaborations showcasing an intricate cocktail of luxe glamour, beauty and sophisication. The show has been designed to intoxicate its audience with the sheer beauty of the models, the marvel of new season collections and a seductive soundtrack that will draw you in from start to finish.

The show is being sponsored by Blake and Co Hairdressing, an award winning salon who have been busy designing each of the models hair for the show. There will also be published make-up artists working on the models designing looks based upon autumn/winter 09 trends. There will be numerous London based designers coming down to the event with their collections, it will be a great opportunity for guests based in the Northwest to get a taste of London fashion in all its glory. There will also be a fabulous afterparty with model scouts, fashion photographers and bar staff that will be putting on an amazing display with their cocktail art.

Tickets are available from they start at just £15, Premium tickets are available for those seeking that extra glamourous package! All guests will receive champagne cocktail on arrival. Booths for the afterparty can be reserved free of charge.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sense of Sound. A cappella choir.

Jennifer John(right)
Artistic Director & Sense of Sound Choir Manager Perri Alleyne-Hughes(left)Musical Director - Sense of Sound Choir

During their interview for Lifestyle magazine yesterday in the Blue coat, I received a call from a friend all the way from a beach in Madrid (Bill Elms you glamorous B*****d) asking if i could photograph the two of the directors of Sense of Sound. I jumped at the chance. I've seen them perform on a few occasions and if anyone else has too, then they will know its the kind of heart warming sound that literally sends shivers up your spine.

So half an hour later Jen, Perry and the Editor of Lifestyle made their way to my studio for a shoot that barely needed 5 minutes. After a glass of wine at their interview, I'm pretty sure popping into my studio for an unprompted photo shoot was a great way to start the rest of their weekend.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

The choir members are all working people, or amateur performers, who in a short time have already achieved so much. This a cappella choir were the first contemporary choir to reach the grand final of Radio 3's Choir of the Year competition, and they recently performed at a concert to mark the opening weekend of Liverpool's Capital of Culture 2008.
The choir members are all working people, or amateur performers, who in a short time have already achieved so much. This a cappella choir were the first contemporary choir to reach the grand final of Radio 3's Choir of the Year competition, and they recently performed at a concert to mark the opening weekend of Liverpool's Capital of Culture 2008.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Patriotic shoot. For F.A.B. Magazine Issue 4.

Womens wear:

All jewellery: Claudia PINK . . . (Including Princess Diana ring) £15-£25
Crown: Curious Orange boutique In Grande Central Alternative Shopping Centre. £5

Army Hat: Burscough car boot £12.

Army Coat (Customised to dress) Army Surplus womens wear.
Socks: Topshop.£6
Coat: All Saints ( stylists own)

Ball gown red and white. (black and white pic) Fredrick & Maddison. P.O.R.

Denim shorts: Sara Han Trashed Couture. £40.

Denim Dress: Christopher Parnell. £200.

Beatles Tee: Urban Outfitters. £28.

Red leather boots and blue boots: Urban outfitters. £85 each.
Gold and Leather belt: Urban outfitters. £22.

Mens wear:

Leather hooded coat: Urban Outfitters £120.
Cream knit Jumper: Urban Outtfitters. £26.
bow ties: Urban Outtfitters £12.
braces: Urban Outtfitters. £9
Red Cardigan: Fred Perry Urban Outfitters. £40.
Check Shirt: Urban outfitters. £29.
Mens Boater Hat: Curious Orange boutique -Grand central £20.

Photography: Matt Ford.
Fashion: Natalie Love Diggle.
Hair & Make-up: Hannah Ellen.
Models: Kayleigh and Thomas.

The Patriotic Shoot.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Kirsty Doyle A/W 09 Collection. (updated)

Photos Matt Ford, Makeup & Hair Hannah Ellen.
Great news for fashion lovers. Kirsty Doyle has finally landed!
Her flagship store will open with in the month at the Luxury Met Quarter.
Kirsty has been busy planning the style of the shop and its rumored to be quite a unique concept.
Kirsty is in talks with an award winning gardeners, fresh from the Visionary award at the Tatton flower show. They will be creating an indoor garden for the window display.
The rest of the shop will be inspired by a New York/Parisian apartment and have an eclectic feel.

There will also be other contemporary designers, including Kathrine Wightman, who will be displaying her exquisite glass jewelry collection.

The core collection In the photo shoot (exclusive first look here) has been designed in monochrome, with exclusive pieces for the shop in jewel colors including Sapphire, ruby red.

For further information about the Kirsty Doyle store, please contact Clare Rogerson at Avenham Marketing on 07789 138152 or

The Shop will open on the 25th of August.