Friday, 31 July 2009

Love it magazine. Celeb Fashion.

The 2 High Street fashion spreads I shot for Love it magazine have finally been published. As you can tell they're not my normal style, but still very enjoyable to shoot.
Brooke and Helen aka Rosie and Sophie Webster from Corrie.

Both shot in Manchester, luckily at the start of our hit and miss summer!

I've uploaded the pics in high res, so if you want to see where the clothes are from, just click the image.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kiki by Kirsty Doyle.

Boutique Bridal Collection.

This blog entry contains highlights from the 3 shoots I've done so far for Kiki. To view the full collection go directly to the web site.

Hollywood Rose Collection.

(Quoted from website) Kiki by Kirsty Doyle fills a gap in the lingerie market by providing decadent nightwear reminiscent of the silk full length night gowns of the glamorous 70’s. Combining luscious silks and featherweight chiffons Kiki by Kirsty Doyle creates a powerful yet sumptuous silhouette for a modern woman who has her own personal style in the bedroom.

Acid Lights Collection.

Some of the shots from the Hollywood Rose collection has been featured in Harpers Bazaar and Canvas Magazine.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Industry Style: Fashion designer Kirsty Doyle.

click to enlarge...

Kirsty Doyle one of Liverpool's most accredited fashion designers. Kirsty began at a market stall in Liverpool's infamous Great Homer Street Market with fellow designer Hayley Robertson, selling clothes for her then Rapscallion Label.

After winning the first series of the massively successful reality t.v. show Project Catwalk, Kirsty's designs grew in popularity, and she has now become an ambassador for the Liverpool fashion industry.

Her clothes have been featured in Harper's Bazaar and will also soon be stocked as far away as L.A. (more news on Kirsty in the July fashion update.)

Kirsty describes her style as 'contemporary chic.'

Scarf and Leggings: H&M, Dress: Kirsty Doyle, Shoes: Zara.

Kirsty's latest collections will heavily be influenced by origami. As you can tell from the dress she is wearing.

Click the Industry Style Label below to see more articles like this.

Kirsty's clothes are available to buy from and

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

July 09. Liverpool fashion scene update.

Dear Readers,

Liverpool has been busy again this month with fashion shows at Calderstones, featuring Harvey Nichols and the Lola Loves Launch Party show at Cavern Walks. Plus forth coming shows, Jax model agency fashion weekend at St Georges hall and the Fredric and Madison show this Saturday (25th July) at a secret yet to be disclosed location.

(find out where by adding them on facebook. it will be reviled tonight

Model Agencies seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment, Jax Models being just one of them. So if you want to get into modeling make sure you shop around before you sign your life away. As a rule of thumb if it smells fishy then chances are it is.

Unfortunately is been a quiet month for me on the fashion front as I've been away in Ibiza, living it large and all that jazz. However i did manage to keep myself busy shooting Sara Hans latest Trashed Couture collection for her new online look book. Going live soon.

(for a preview of the collection...

Fortune favours the brave and that's what you will have to be to wear these creations.
Her concept is to take old denim pieces are recreate them into wonderful one off pieces that reinvent your idea of the deconstructionist.
But don't worry for the more average wall flower, Trashed Couture also creates more simple pieces including denim mini skirts and shorts as well as pencil skirts and funky denim bangles.
Sara's clothes are also available at Fredrick and Madison. 14 Colquitt St.

If you haven't already heard of Frederic and Maddison, they are 2 Fresh young Liverpool designers that have been established for barely a year. They inform me they are proud to have celebrity endorsements from Atomic Kittens, Natasha Hamilton and glamour model Amanda Harrington. All i can say is their designs are far from mundane so check out their facebook. (see link above)

Stylist and textiles designer Natalie Love Diggle, who I collaborated on for her disco-tec-trashed shoot back in March..
(see link..
..have got together again for the next fashion shoot destined to grace the pages of F.A.B. mag issue 4, due out in Autumn.
The winner of the 'Rockin Miss Asia', Kayleigh Winters and up and coming male model, unassuming Thomas Williams, featured in the edgy fashion shoot (unfortunately the pics will have to wait until the magazine published)

However since the shoot Natalie Love Diggle has been accepted onto an internship working directly with Julian McDonald.

Finally the latest news on Kirsty Doyle, Liverpool's own fashion Ambassador. During shooting her for my Industry Style Portraits, she has informed me that she is on the way to the met quarter to finalise the details of her own forthcoming boutique shop due to open its doors on the 25th of August. Kirsty goes international! I also hear she is now stocked in L.A. Not bad for such a young designer.

Kirsty's clothes are available to buy from and

Matt x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Trashed Couture by Sara Li-Chou Han. (collection preview)

This is the first preview of the latest collection by Sara Han under the label Trashed Couture.

(the photo above is from a previous shoot featuring her clothes)

Sara's label is all about recycling old denim and creating entirely new pieces. Her collection consists of everything from capes to mini skirts and denim boas to bangles.

Trashed couture caters for the brave and not so brave.
Trashed couture has moved home from Resurrection Bold st to Fredrick and Maddison on Colquitt St.
Keep your eye out for her website going live soon.

For more info check out her facebook page.

Fredrick and Maddison (

Photo: Matt Ford.
Makeup: Hannah Ellen and Kelly Ervine. Hair on lower: Phil Gallagher.