Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Artist: Blacksoup.

The work of Blacksoup stumbles in to accidental humour, robots clinging to the liver bird, and a clash of detail with simplicity. And could only ever be found in his mum’s garage.

(Blacksoup at work)
The question of robots seems only simple when the images are flashed before your eyes and a sarcastically delicious reason for it as ‘my ex-wife used to say I was a robot, so maybe that planted a seed.’ All of a sudden the creations show industry, dockers, labour, a Liverpool regaining its identity; ‘To me that helps give the city a character, so it's not just a place full of buildings but it has its own distinct personality.’

Blacksoups work has you peering at the sky, leaning round corners, wondering whether we could really find robots lingering on Bold street, behind the cathedral, immersed in the river. Taking the unlikely to the sky line of the Mersey painted and portrayed a thousand times.

 His creations, go beyond an image, they capture the ‘energy’ of Liverpool, allowing us to decipher what it’s all about, believing that we ‘are clever enough to make up our own minds’, allowing for all to capture a bit of that ‘tongue-in-cheek’ nature that throttles upon contact.

Words Samantha Elms. 

Blacksoup will be showing his collection along with 3 other artists at 

(Matt Ford & dot-art present)
The Art Show SS12.
Thurs 3th May. 7pm At Camp and Furnace.

For more info visit the Art Show facebook page