Friday, 18 May 2012

Reiss clothing shoot for Man about town Magazine.

Photography Matt Ford.

Styling Ellie Gregory. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Art Show SS12. New Liverpool. Post show round up.

(Art Show SS12 VIP invites)

Matt Ford, Blacksoup, Daniel John and John Whitelaw (the four Artists).

Alan Cumming's, Matt Ford & Millie Dollar.

What a night!
The cities art lovers flocked to Camp & Furnace on May 3rd for The Art Show SS12. With four Liverpool artists exhibiting, an amazing performance by Sense of Sound, a legendary set by DJ's Cant Mix Wont Mix, plus the welcomed interruption by the 10 strong Sky Atlantic film crew (filming the new show, City Secrets, presented by Alan Cumming's) the event was hailed a triumph.

An hour before the venue was officially open one piece, Bruise in Red, had already been sold to a Norwegian Musician. This swiftly followed by the sale of my (Matt Ford) Inkblot test cards (See Below). The full set of nine went to Philip Armstrong and Tony Burke, the Liverpool fashion designers famed for designing dresses for Gaga, Katy Perry to name but a few.

Other highlights in the exhibition included Illustrator Blacksoup's graphic novel style visions of Liverpool being taken over by robots and more specifically in this shot Godzilla. Check out the other two artists work on their links at the top. 

A great start to Liverpool Art Month, Check for more events in the programe.  

A massive thank you to all the Magazines/Blogs for The Art Show SS12 press.  

(Bruise, commissioned by Seen Magazine in their new re-launch colours.)

Seen Magazine- Feature and cover in issue 8 and a feature in issue 9.

Full page feature in His & Her's Magazine

(Some of the 42 works on display)

My back catalogue of artwork will soon be available on


Friday, 11 May 2012

Death By Glitter. Behind the scenes of the shoot.

A kids paddling pool, 100kg's of play sand, 11 tubs of glitter, some baby oil and a naked guy on your studio floor. The Tuesday afternoon we shot the Vogue Ball 2011 poster was like a Blue Peter episode gone a bit wrong. Or right, some might say.
The plan was to make a guy look like he had been found dead in some freak and glamourous accident involving far to much glitter. Darren Suarez (Vogue Ball creator in the pic below), you've out CAMPED your self again!

Step One - Oil the model.

Step Two - Lighting check.

Step Three - Make sure your model is comfortable, this may take some time.

Step Four - Sand. Lots of...

Step Five - (The icing on the cake). GLITTER!

Step Six - Pack down the package. Careful now.

Step Seven- Get the shot.

The rest is history (and a few other photoshop brushes).

Words & Pics Matt Ford.
Art Direction Darren Suarez.

The Next Vogue Ball poster shoot is coming very soon... :)