Monday, 16 April 2012

Artist: Daniel John.


Harmonising the old and the new, blending the derelict and innovative; Daniel John’s collection has history. 

Demonstrating his love of a city that lives through ‘a rich cultural heritage’ and engraining his mark amongst the ‘mish mash of artistic approaches’ that influence the growing unique scene, Daniel John signifies the anticipation of Liverpool’s Art month. 

The range of Daniel John becomes excitingly representative of SS12; the collaboration of artists ‘working in different media on the same theme’. His exhibition shall demonstrate a culturally immersed project that is ‘constantly evolving’ within the artistic world of Merseyside. Accepting the challenge of breathing life in to new approaches against ‘traditional techniques and ideas’, his tangible collection becomes indispensable to an art show stamping out a new vision.

Words Samantha Elms. 

Daniel will be showing his collection along with 3 other artists at 
(Matt Ford & dot-art present)
The Art Show SS12.
Thurs 3th May. 7pm At Camp and Furnace.

For more info visit the Art Show facebook page