Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sakura Restaurant- Exchange Flags.

This may not be my usual type of post on here, but I've just seen the final website with the finished animations and press placements using my shots, so why not stick a little blog about it out there. 

Sakura is Liverpool's first authentic Japanese restaurant situated in Exchange Flags. (Pardon the plug) From first hand experience I can guaranty the food is like no other in Liverpool, thanks to the internationally head hunted chefs. 
Take a look at there website for all the info. 

Plus read about it on Core Designs Jurnal. The people behind all their forthcoming press adds. 

Matt. x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Graduate Fashion JMU- 2010.


Come May, for fashion students all over the country, it is a challenge not to go into complete designer meltdown as final collections are finished and the last touches added, or as has become common, months of work are completely scrapped and redone in the final weeks. But when the season of graduate fashion shows rolled around this year, assured that the quality and originality of collections this year was set to be even better than the last, I went to go and see the graduate fashion show at Liverpool John Moores University with fashion photographer, Matt Ford, to see whether this years batch of budding designers could live up to expectations and pick out our favourites to shoot with…

The standard this year was incredibly high, both in standards of quality and finish, and in design. Some showcased daring innovative fashion, while others chose to keep with strong classic styles and add a modern twist; some managed to seamlessly blend in with this season’s major designer collections.

After the show we rounded up a few of our favourites to chat about their inspirations, aspirations and snap them with their clothes.

Click images to see detail..

Twenty two year old Megan Woodhouse’s collection centres around a theme of protection; suits of armour and shells. “Well clothes are a form of protection,” she laughs, “cheesy as it sounds!” Structured shapes in soft pastel chiffons combine with creamy suede linings to make for a collection that is both classic but still very current. Megan’s main focus is Luxury Womenswear, simple with an edge, and her dream job would be working for Dolce and Gabanna, whose clothes are a complete contrast to her style, “It’s probably the reason why I want to!” She says the muse for her ready-to-wear designs is young, funky, but classy with her own style, and that’s just what I think her collection reflects.

Chio Ohajuru specialises in both couture womenswear and accessories, a combination which she is sure will make her stand out from the crowd, when, if her dreams come true, she starts her own label as an independent designer. Chio plans to make her label completely unique by offering women what she calls “the full M.O.T.” whereby she offers the clothes and styling, accessories, make-up and hair. So who is the woman she designs for? “She’s glamorous, stylish, unique, clothes for her a need not a want” Her collection of sculptural pieces used a palette of only white, while her origami-esque bags came in every colour of the rainbow.

Taking inspiration from her favourite designer, Stella McCartney, Shelley Harris’ collection of sophisticated, wearable sportswear exudes effortless athlectic chic with hints of this seasons pastel tones. Harris places impact of wearability and she says they are perfect for a woman who “is active, not a glamourpuss.” If she doesn’t go on to become a fashion designer, Shelley says she would like to teach Fashion based courses at university, to pass on the knowledge she has aquired herself.

Sharon Fernandex designs her contour fashion womenswear for “the average, twenty-five year old elegant sophisticated woman” paying great attention to detail and looking at many textile aspects. With this collection cleverly capturing the essence of nature and having a vintage aspect it’s no surprise that Sharon dreams of working for a world
renowned couture house. “Working under Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel would be amazing!” she beams. Her collection is luxurious but fresh, think flowing chiffon cut in an exciting new way paired with delicate flowers. And the standout piece? Definitely the exquisite camel coat with silk flower detailing.

Chantelle Mooney’s chic collection achieves “maximum drape  with minimum seams,” by using immaculate pleating and rather unforgiving fabric! She said the stretchy fabric was a nightmare to work with, but the work has definitely paid off as she has created an expensive looking collection that is effortlessly beautiful in dusty pastel tones. Her muse is about 25, confident and fun loving. Chantelle says she wants her to be able to go to work in one of her pieces, then throw a pair of heels on and go for a night out. After uni, she says she wants to  design ready-to-wear collections to sell in her own boutique because she doesn’t like the thought of having no say in the design in  a big company.

Words Hannah Ramsay. Photos Matt Ford. 

Check out Hannah's own fashion blog featuring interviews for fashion

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Decade of fashion.

I wrote this back in 2009 but its finally been published in the shiny new issue of Gossip Magazine- Read me!

Double Click the image to view large enough to read. 

Matt. x

Words and photos Matt Ford, not including Marina cover.

Main Image- Aggy Dean-a-like taken from the 07 Liverpool Echo Fashion weekend Bill Board, Model Erica Gallagher.
Alex Curren taken at the Juice FM Style Awards and Neon Boy Taken from Rikki Beglies Button Moon Fashion Spread.

Monday, 21 June 2010

My interview for Liverpool Pride.

Liverpool's first official Pride will be 7th Aug. Click here to see the poster or look a little further down on the blog.

Taken from the Pride website and blog.....

Disco trees and diva strops with the man behind our photos, Matt Ford

Liverpool Pride caught up with local fashion photographer and blogger Matt Ford – the man behind the incredible photographs in our posters – to talk diva strops, disco trees and why he’s so excited about Liverpool Pride.
The uber-talented Matt Ford is a well-known face on the Liverpool fashion circuit, but even if you haven’t heard of him, there’s no doubt you may have seen his work.
Specialising in fashion photography, he’s also worked on documenting Homotopia – Liverpool’s critically acclaimed queer arts festival – and is working on the advertisements for the forthcoming Justice Vogue Ball, which is sure to be a highlight in the LGB&T calendar.
And he’s rather excited about the festival too: “Liverpool gay scene is very mixed anyway, so it’s nice to have a day that welcomes everyone – regardless of sexuality, or age.
“I thought, if there's going to be a poster, I've got to do it!" explains Matt.
It isn’t the photographer’s first experience of a pride festival – he once appeared on a float at Manchester Pride as a disco tree. We’re assured it was a lot cooler than it sounds, but we think you probably had to be there.
As well as a talent for dressing up, Matt also has a wealth of experience that makes him one of Liverpool’s greatest talents. Initially training as a make-up artist, he then got a job as a photographer’s assistant and learnt on the job – doing 14 shoots a week.
“I’d definitely recommend experience over qualifications,” says Matt. “I always tell wannabe fashion photographers to get themselves to fashion shows – even if that’s not the kind of photography they want to do –it’s all about meeting people and experimenting.”
So has much changed since Matt started out in the industry?
“One major change is that the increasing popularity of digital photography has meant that people expect photographs the next day.
“I’m self taught so I don’t have a great deal of technical knowledge – I’m just interested in taking great photographs,” he adds.
With a growing number of Liverpool ladies fancying their chances as the next Amanda Harrington, what advice would Matt offer to ensure maximum success? “Don’t pay agency fees! There are a lot of rip off agencies out there. To be honest, if you’re that good, you shouldn’t have to pay,” he begins.
“Also, see if you can get some free shots. There are always photographers who need models, so put yourself out there.”
And what kind of attitude should a successful model have, we wonder? “You’ve got to be open-minded, and learn to listen. Don’t throw any diva strops either. Often, the nicer, better behaved models will get the job over the better looking models, so it’s very important to have the right attitude”.

Don't forget - the festival on 7 August 2010 is completely free with no tickets or wristbands. 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Justine Mills- Cricket Boutique.

As one of Liverpool's major fashion players, the opportunity to work with Justine Mills was too good to miss. Her easy going attitude and fun personality, I'm sure, has been a massive factor in building up a client base thats is not only sort after but famously loyal.
Though she dresses some fierce fashion forward celebs her personal style is a lot more laid back and effortlessly cool. 

Keep your eye out in forthcoming press for more pics from the shoot. 

Matt. x
Photos Matt Ford. 
Hair and make-up Jade.

''Justine is the founder of the world famous fashion boutique, Cricket - the iconic brand that has captured the imagination of the media almost as much as its famous clientele... 

Justine is a visionary business woman and a respected fashion expert who has earned her stripes styling some of the UK's biggest stars from footballers' wives and girlfriends to actresses, superstar singers and even royalty. With an instinct for all things style related Justine has recently joined a team at the British Fashion Council to help young designers gain their first break in the fashion industry. 

Justine created the Cricket brand aged just 19 launching her vision for a niche, high-fashion boutique in her home town of Liverpool. Fast forward 14 years and the iconic brand is now recognised worldwide and is regularly featured in press from broadsheets to magazines including fashion bible, Vogue. Its famous and iconic bags are sought after the world over and are a paparazzi mainstay and Cricket has made Liverpool a renowned fashion destination worldwide.'' 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Carina and the Cocobelle's.

Some may say Saturday was like killing two birds with one stone, but it was more like shooting 1 bird an acoustic singer/song writer and a rock band.

Three totally different music personalities one gloriously sunny day and this is what we came up with.


''The Cocabelles are an edgey soul/jazz group based in Liverpool. They have recently re formed and re launched themselves and are set for great things for the rest of 2010. Over the last few weeks, as well as having a shoot with Matt Ford, have been busy performing TWICE at this years Liverpool Sound City Festival, Carina has had a tv interview with Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries and The Cocabelles supported The Pipettes at The Liverpool 02 Academy.

Over the next few weeks The Cocabelles will be playing the Fluffy Rock stage at this years Glastonbury Festival, headlining new Liverpool club Igloo and will then be back in the studio through July to work on some new material! Other exciting events coming up including playing Liverpool Pride in Matthew Street Festival in August!''

You can see more of The Cocabelles at

John Wright. 

In his own words...

"My name is John Wright in case you didn't no. I have been writing, singing and playing guitar since I was about 12, I remember watching the Beatles anthology on t.v and thinking i wanted to be just like them.

I joined a band when I was 13 and that's when the Haze was born, this was my first band, me and three of my mates. I played bass guitar and vocals, I thought we were better than the Beatles at the time, you've got to be confident right? we played our first gig in the Cavern when I was 13 and my bass guitar was bigger than me. We went on to play many gigs including southport theatre, the theatre royal mostly charity shows that were packed out and we had the opportunity to play three or four of our own songs. Looking back on it now they were great times, but just so young to appreciate it.

By the time I turned 16 we went our separate ways I went to Liverpool community college to study music and waste time till I had a hit record. Still waiting, but I moved out when I was 18 and the music got put on hold. I lost my way for about 6 years. Time flies hey, but now I'm back and ready to do all it takes to be a successful artist.

I like well constructed music with meaningful melodies and lyrics from the heart, a song that can stand up on its own without any effects. Because to me that's what real music is all about, feeling! that's what inspires me. in particular Paul McCartney inspires me, his ability to create songs that touch me and millions of other people around the world. If it wasn't for him, john, George and Ringo I wouldn't be the songwriter I am today. To write hit after hit over so many years shows how musically gifted they were, they got nothing on me tho. LOL

You can see and hear more of John Wright at

The red threads.

Red Threads was formed by Alex Williamson, Chris Pearce and Paul Everett as an original outfit in the spring of 2007. The band was born from an already two year old working classic rock covers band called ‘The Grace’ (from the Jeff Buckley song grace). The name ‘Red Threads’ was initially thought of and used as a brand name to completely disassociate and separate the cover work from the original work. The three-piece then began gigging as Red Threads for a short time until it was not really craved but deemed necessary for another guitar, so we got one!

This then set the band off in a more clear direction. At the end of 2009 Dan Murphy was approached and asked to join Red Threads as the keyboardist. The idea of utilizing keyboard sounds such as hammond, rhodes, piano, strings and synthesisers was discussed a long time prior to this as it was noted that the way in which bands like Deep Purple and The Doors used them really added texture, melodic content and almost another dimension to the sound. In more recent times, (especially with the addition of Dan) the band has gone off at a controlled tangent using their time and past experience to create what are hopefully even better and more unique songs and performances.

There will of course always be undertones and influences like another other artist, but the band is constantly striving to craft something that is ultimately recognizable as Red Threads.


Igloo, Liverpool, 3rd June,

St Peter’s Square

doors 8pm