Thursday, 25 June 2009

Industry Style: Models Erica and Katie.

Zillion foot high fashion models Erica and Katie, let me photograph them off guard after the British Hairdresser Awards photo shoot. Like you could ever catch a model off guard when there is a camera nearby (On your marks, get set pose!) I asked them what inspires their own personal style.

Erica (looking fabulous in my comedy geek glasses) has been in the industry for over 10 years.
Discovered when she was 14 and leaving Liverpool at 16 to go full time. Modeling has taken her all over the world.

''The best shows I've worked on include Vivianne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, because of the theatrics in all his shows.''

After telling me even though she has returned to Liverpool to get away from the hectic lifestyle, she still is heavily influence by London style.
Even at a towering 6 foot, Erica insists that she can't resist wearing heels at every opportunity adding even more height. She avoids trends as much as possible, yet I think she remains one of the most stylish girls in Liverpool.

Erica(left): Jacket-Ghost Vintage, Skirt-Levis Couture, Vest-Topshop Boutique, Red Top-Gucci, Belt-Vintage.

Katie on the other hand is new to modeling, at only 16 she has already walked the runway on 2 London fashion weeks. Her best show so far is been Christian Dior. She informs me the couture collection was amazing!

She describes her personal style as quite grungy,

''I love old band t-shirts and mixing stuff with vintage pieces. I never go anywhere without my leather jacket!''

Katie proves that you can look super cool with out being overstyled.

Katie: Jacket-Topshop, Vest-Topshop, Belt-Vintage, Boots-All Saints, Leggings-Topshop.

This is the first of many new portraits of fashion industry people. They will all be under the ''Industry Style'' label.

Erica has also featured in several of my fashion shoots including the Bill board campaign for last years Liverpool Echo Arena Fashion weekend...
...a 7 page spread and the cover of YQ magazine...
And A 5 page shoot and the cover of Fab Magazine...

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Voodou Liverpool interview.(Taken from Voodou's Face book page.)

As they are using my blog in their promotion, they have also decided to interview me.

How did you get started in photography?
I originally started as a hairdresser before studying T.V. and film make-up. Photography was required for the portfolio so I first realised I loved it then.

How did you get your first job?
It was purely by chance! I was asked to photograph a shoot I was working on..That was nearly 5 years ago and I've not looked back since.

what's been your biggest achievement?
Oh god you got me, I keep thinking of massively cheesy answers!
I've had loads of great achievements but one that springs to mind is being used for Harper's Bazaar, I love that magazine.

Go on...and your biggest cock up?
The biggest cock up I've ever had was letting an assistant be in charge of transferring the pictures from a memory card to my computer. Half the shoot was never seen again.

Fave clients?
Kirsty Doyle, We've worked together for years! The Echo- I'm about to shoot my 3rd bill board I've got through them and they still let me put a lot of input into the direction. In fact any client that listens to my creative opinion, luckily most do.

Fave shoot?
Definitely the burlesque one. (even though I'm sick of looking at it now), the caged shoot, which is all about alternatives to fur, even though when people first see it they think it's a sick excuse to show off loads of dead animals. (read between the lines)

And any other shoot that has a bit of drama in it, Delta fiasco band(see below), Anthony Hannah, Disco tek trashed couture...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Barbie. See Liverpool fashion scene update. June 09.

Photo: Matt Ford.
Make-up: Hannah Ellen.
Dress: Jenni Murphy.

June 09. Liverpool fashion scene update.

Hello Readers,

More news on this year’s fashion graduate Talent. Textiles designer Natalie Love Diggle captured her 'Disco-tech-trash couture' themed collection with a high energy shoot in Nation, the original home of Cream.

If you like clubbing you will love this shoot.

(Click here to see pics

For a student the ambition and scale of the shoot was amazing. The words 'can't do that' simply mean nothing to this girl. I hope to see a lot more and work with Natalie again in the future, so watch this space! We already have something in the pipe line.

If you’re into Scouse fashion then you should have heard of Lola Loves by now. Designer Debbie Bogg has been running her own boutique in Williamson Square for a few years now.
With an ever increasing number of seamstresses and a loyal client base that goes back nearly a decade she is now ready to open a flagship boutique in Liverpool’s luxury Cavern Walks shopping centre.

The shop opens on Tuesday the 15th June. Her official Launch party is the following Thursday. (see facebook for more details,

To celebrate the Launch of the new Boutique and to welcome in the new season Debbie has been hard at work designing a massive new collection. We shot the highlights of the collection for window displays and press coverage in a 'outdoor-indoor' themed studio fashion story.

Debbie’s collection consists of silks, satins and sheer with the occasional use of fabrics cut like petals, her colour scheme is pastels, peaches and the occasional acid bright. Cutting back on the massive bows and over the top frills of past collections, S/S 09 seems to bring in a more rounded and grown up feel, yet still ultimately remaining girly.(Click this link to see pics
Lola loves runs a made to measure policy so book a visit to her consultation room as soon as she opens.

For those who like the darker side of fashion, I also have shot a surreal and fabulously disturbing cover of issue 3 of Fashion and Business magazine. Out later this week. The image is of a model with digitally enhanced arms that represent dolls limbs. I can't wait for this one.The Image is part of an on going collection called the Doll project. (click here to see the first image from the collection

Thanks for reading.

Matt x

P.S. Keep your eye out for my 2 Coronation Street cast, high street fashion stories in the next few Love It magazines. Available at all good newsagents. wink wink.