Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Firecracker meets She Shea.

Enter She Shea, the up and coming Liverpool based fashion label, creating bespoke pieces with a vintage vibe.
Jessica O’Shea ,the designer behind the label, is passionate about her craft, hand making and uniquely  tailoring every individual detail for each specific customer. Firecracker caught up with Jessica at the shoot for her latest collection.

Photos Matt Ford. 
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Ryan Martin – So let’s go back to the beginning, how did She Shea originate?

Jessica O’Shea - I studied at Liverpool Community college for three years and then graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. I’ve always wanted to work for myselfso I set up She Shea shortly after graduating. I did my work placement for Fatz Kassimfor six weeks but I didn't enjoy creating other peoples designs into garments, I wanted to create my own ideas. I didn't want to just solely design, I wanted to learn how to pattern cut and garment manufacture, so that I could create my ideas into garments. I do like designing but I get much more satisfaction from putting a garment together from start to finish.

RM- What inspires you?

JO -Many different aspects in life can inspire a new idea like travelling around different countries. Sometimes a design will pop in to my head or I’ll dream of something andthen sketch it down the next day, sometimes I can have an idea for a new design and then go fabric shopping and completely change my mind, I like experimenting on the stand, draping fabrics and experimenting with different cuts.

RM  Any particular personal highs in your career to date?

JO- I remember some time last year some of my dresses were copied by one of the high street fashion chains and they sold out in a matter of weeks, I kept getting messages from clients complaining that their one off garments were not so one off but there wasn't much I could do about it. I was delighted to tell you the truth! They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

RM – What type of woman wears She Shea?

JO- I love the Liverpool girl style vibe, you can always spot her out from the crowd. She's always the most glamorous girl at the party taking great pride in her appearance and I would agree that I keep this in mind when designing a collection. I like to create pieces that are different to make you stand out but for all the right reasons because sometimes it can be taken too far and you need to find the balance. I much prefer designing glamorous garments as the opposite to the laid back cool style of London, I like attention to detail,which is shown through the hand embellished detail displayed in the majority of my collection pieces.

RM- What advice would you offer to someone hoping to be the next big fashion designer?

JO- Simply just to go for it if you’re prepared to put in the hard work, it’s not an easy ride but that goes for most things that are worth working for.

RM- So without giving too much away with future collections, what’s next for She Shea ?

JO- Who Knows? I don't. I don't know where I’m going to get my next idea from, I just hope people like the next collection as much as the last.

Visit www.sheshea.com for the latest collection.

Words Ryan Martin. 
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