Friday, 11 March 2011

Your never far from a local Hooka!

You've probably already heard there's a new Hooka in town.. and you thought this city wasn't big enough for two of 'em.

Hooka Wood Street has had five successful years as Liverpool city centres edgiest, up and coming salon brand.

But if that's too far to trek across town for a curly blow by recent American Crew award winner Daniele Barr or have a state of the art face peel by Hooka Newbie Daniel Matthews, you can now visit your local Hooka on Button street, be treated to a short back and sides by British hairdresser of the year nominee phill Gallagher, while having the city lights literally on your doorstep. 

Up and coming salon brand no more.
There's another Hooka in town.
She's arrived!

To book your appointment at the new shiny new Button Street Hooka click here.

Pic montage of some of the winning hair comp entries and images off Hookas website. (all shot by myself.)

Keep your eye out for the new issue of Seen magazine due out 21st March for Matt Fishers party pics from the Button Street Hooka launch last week.  I don't think I've ever seen so many celebs in such a small place in Liverpool before! If half of the X factor tour, two the only way is Essex'ers, last years big brother contestants and a girl from Hollyoaks wasn't enough to get the paps going I don't know what would. Oh and did I mention the fabulous tranny knocking about? 
Seen magazine logo modeled by Matt Fisher in a rather fetching pair of white tights.

Matt. x