Saturday, 26 March 2011

Style confessions of a Drag Queen.

I've dragged these pictures kicking and screaming from the archives. They were taken way back when I started doing photography. However the interview was done earlier this week. The drag queen in question is the fabulous Cherry Lane...


10 thing that inspire you outlandish outfits.
Grace Jones, Marylin Manson, a car crash on crack, punk Burlesque,
scrapheap challenge, haters, lovers, plastic, hot glue. Myself.

How do you deal with copycats?
Copy cats serve their purpose. They make you more creative in the sence that they make me change my style again in order to be as unique as possable. 

How high are you heals?
 7-8 inch boots and I have had one or two falls. One serious one in Russia when I was working as a backing dancer for Nikki Bell at a music awards, I slipped on a bottle at the after party and had to go the ozzy the next day before flying back. Hung over like I'd never felt before, ugh. Liver oh mercy. 

What are your best and worst Drag Queen fashion moments?
Always good moments. Don't ever leave the house unless I'm more than happy in the mirror. I'v workd it in a bin bag before now and I looked AMAZING. Best drag moment.....working on the bedlam boat party after garlands at Eden ,Ibiza. 
It was soooo hot but then again so was I.
  My burberry hot pants and a gun in hand, Yeah!

Do your wigs have names? 
 No wig names. I call everything She.

Tell me something surprising about your self.
Im a bad soap land geek.Hooked by the lot of them. Im training to do nail sculptures for photo shoots ann for people in music videos. Nail art 3D style!! Opening my own buisness called Cherry Bomb. Nail design and features. Watch this space.....

Best Drag Queen Catch Phrase?
Iya love.......... aya gurrrrl...........back off...........JD 'N' COKE, not much coke.

Tarar, mwa.
 Cherry. xxxx

Photos of Cherry and Kelvin.