Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kirsty Doyle- Limited edition christmas collection- A/W10

This is the first of many firecracker fashion mini videos for the blog all filmed, edited and posted using the magic of Iphone. If I have time I'll try and post one along side any shoots I'm doing. This one just being a little product shoot, but still well worth the post. 
If anyone can keep you up to date with Liverpool style it's gotta be the people who make it. So now thanks to Kirsty letting me experiment on her to make this clip now I'm sure many scouse trend setters will follow suit.


Since I posted this a few days ago I've been finishing editing the rest of the product shots from this range,  Yes there are more. Some of them, Kirsty is saving for her own press release, however this one just can't wait! 

Its one of my favourite dresses she has designed for quite a while, it's a totally original amalgamation of elements. The feminine 50's circle skirt, jet black thick animal skin textured fabric combined with the stiff capped shoulders make this dress, although the silhouette is borrowing from the past, an ultra modern fashion forward piece.