Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hooka in final for American crew comp!

One of my photos has got Danielle through to the final of the American Crew Comp, here's the low down..Words by Dion At Hooka...

Congratulations to Hooka stylist Danielle Barr! She has been selected as one of twelve finalist in the 2011 American Crew Face Off competition.

 The Finalist Party was held at The Point at Old Trafford with the evening hosted by Matt & Darren
(Max and OB from Hollyoaks)

This is the second year the Face Off competition has been held, this year saw the number of entries quadruple following the success of the first year. In the 2010 competition Dion Padan made it through to the finals so when we found out that again a stylist from Hooka had made it through to the next stage of Face Off 2011 we were made up!

Danielle was selected from hundreds of entries following the entry she submitted showing shots of her model