Saturday, 4 December 2010

Claudia Pink Jewelery.

This is one of the new pictures that I took as part of the Fashion outside the capital exhibition. There are still quite a few images that have only been seen at the exhibition space but you will have to wait to see them.
Model- Rikaya Tagoe. Hair- Hannah Ellen. Makeup- Jade Williams. Location Claudia pinks back yard.

Here's a little behind the scenes footage...

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Claudia is one of the designers that I worked with a long time ago, so it was a pleasure to collaborate with her again. We decided to recreate a classic vintage album cover that deserves to be copied, (Am I allowed to say that? I'll say revived instead.) If you don't know the reference then take a look at this link..

Roxy Music.

I asked every designer whose work featured at my exhibition the same four questions...

1. Describe your Company.

2. Tell us a history of it.

3. Whats your greatest achievement.

4. Comment on the quote taken from the exhibition press release.."This curious insight into the world of fashion outside of a capital city, shows how a small industry can still make a big impact"

Claudia answered...

Claudia Pink.

"My brand is: exotic, decadent, affordable but very sort after.  It's an eclectic collection of hand made and world wide sourced jewellery.

Four years ago I started in the heritage market, then moved in to Grand Central in the city centre and now I am a well-established fashion and jewelery designer in the Met Quarter. Ive recently been snapped up by, Europe's largest online fashion boutique.

Seeing my work on the likes of GMTV and the X. Factor makes me feel like all the hard work has paid off.

Liverpool is definitely harder but the stronger designers get noticed. It's tougher but makes you work harder. It's not given to you on a plate. Liverpool has been a great starting point for me. I'm so great full for loyal costumers.

The adventurous style of Liverpool women has let me more creative and outrageous with my designs, they're always willing to experiment and stand out."