Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The fashion outside the capital party.

Just a quick post, mainly to say thank you to all the people involved and people who helped make the exhibition a success!

Especially, Lou from the Design Festival, the designers involved, Hannah Ellen and all the other hair and makeup people, The models and the people who helped on the event. And thanks to the Baltic creative for the brilliant space that held the exhibition for 10 days and Icon print group for the amazing high quality exhibition prints.

Anyway, here's some of the pics from the end of show party last Thursday!

Claudia Pink, Matt Ford and Jo Benning.
Danielle Timperly, Faye- Roja Boutique, Clare Wilson and Nina Haliwell- Nook and Willow and Hayley Marsden. 
Kirsty Doyle, Matt Ford and Michelle Pevie- Young Designer of the year. 
James Sutton- Emmerdale , Dion and Ian- Hooka Hairdressing. 
Ben Ford and Elizabeth- World Museum. 
Michelle Pevie and Sara Han- Recycled Re-chic. 
Designer Jenny Murphy, Model Jessica Barker and Friends. 
Nina Halliwell and Clare Wilson- Nook and willow and David Lloyd- Seventstreets.com
Designer Denise McConville. 
Sam and Lauren- My Fashion Junkie.com
natalie Love Diggle and Matt Ford. 
Michael- Seen Magazine Art Director. 
Matt Ford and Rikaya Tagoe- Miss Black Britain. 
Paul O'Hara And designer Michael O'Shaughnessy.