Saturday, 13 November 2010

Exhibition update.

There's only five days to go until my exhibition opens. All the new shoots are complete including yesterdays shoot with the new Blood Brothers star Natasha Hamilton and celebrity designer Phillip Armstrong plus Claudia Pinks shoot featuring Scouse beauty Rikaya Tagoe who is the current miss Black Britain.

However there have been a few changes made to the work that will be shown. I'm made up to reveal that the fabulous Millie Dollar has performed in an video installation piece directed by my self. Here is the info as it will read on the Liverpool Design festival website as of monday......

(These are stills from the video you will have to come to the exhibition to see the additional editorial fashion photograph.)

Fashion Revolution. 

A video installation by Matt Ford.

Edited by Laura Scott.
Burlesque performed by Millie Dollar.
Hair and makeup concept by Hannah Ellen. 

In conjunction with his photographic exhibition, fashion outside the capital, Matt will be exploring the concept of moving images used in modern fashion media. 

To find out more about the full exhibition look at the events section of the Liverpool design festival website.

Matt. x