Thursday, 30 September 2010

I have an exhibition to plan.

(new update- Check out the facebook event page.)

In it's second year, the Liverpool Design festival is now only 7 weeks away. The event will run from the 18th-27th November and will showcase designers from the Northwest and the UK. The designers come from every industry from fashion to furniture.

Thanks to my work being featured in the advertising, brochures and banners last year, the organisers have asked me if I want to put on an exhibition of my work that has been directly with designers.

I, with out a doubt, said yes.

However at the time this was written, we have only just confirmed a photographic printer and sponsor. With only 40 hours to go to make the print deadline for the festival brochures, we still haven't confirmed a location. My chances hang on a thread. However if you are reading this then all is now going to plan. We have a venue, I've made the print deadline, sent off my image and copy and I AM actually having an exhibition. *and breath.

The Photography exhibition will be titled..

Matt Ford a Retrospective - Fashion outside the capital.

"For five years Matt has photographed Liverpool's most noted fashion designers and their collections. He has created fashion imagery that's been published locally and nationally. This curious insight into the world of fashion outside of a capital city shows how a small industry can still make a big impact.

This hands on exhibition also includes collection pieces."

The exhibition will show highlight of my work for the past 5 years. It will also show new work and i'm in talks with the all the designers to show their products for the duration. (although this may not be all of them)

I am looking for new designers to collaborate with for the new images so if you are or know of any please please get in touch asap.

Matt. X

P.s. Hopefully see you there.

(The exhibition will be held at a brand new space. 57 Jordan street. Right next to the CUC on Jamaica street)

Check out the design festival for more info.

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