Thursday, 23 September 2010

Chelcee Grimes. Liverpool's next big pop export.

Photos Matt Ford, Makeup Hannah Ellen, All clothes supplied by Resurrection Bold Street Liverpool. Location Heebi Jeebies.

"Chelcee Grimes?" I hear you say..

..Chelcee grimes is a Liverpool born and bred singer/song writer. She has just turned 18 and is in preparation for bursting onto the national music scene.

She has been gruelling away for some time now working with some of the hottest producers around. They includes Rob Fusari the guy behind Gaga's Paparazzi. I've even heard a few a cappella previews of her songs at the shoot and can't wait to hear the finished thing.

When asked about her inspiration Chelcee replied,
"It's always come from a lot of places but right now it's about my ambition to make it and be somebody. My first album and single are about being young and wanting to do something but not being pressured to fit in."

Though she's spent the best part of this year doing a promo tour outside Liverpool she did the rounds at last years Juice FM style awards. With an amazing solo performance she bagged the Juice FM search for a star award.

Visit Chelcee at Chelceegrimesupcomingtalent

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