Saturday, 7 November 2009

Liverpool fashion designer focus- John Maines.

Up and coming fashion designer John Maines graduated from JMU only last year. Already John's label 'Whatever' and designs from his degree collection are on sale in the newly youthfully rebranded Lewis's on Renshaw Street.

He has also began working his way up the merchandising ladder in Topshop and has plans to move to the flagship Liverpool store as soon as possible. With styling under his belt as well, John likes to put his fingers in a many creative pies as he can. "Designing is just one of his loved art forms.''
Photo: Matt Ford, Invisible man: Lee Edward Finnigan.

After a good chat with  John in the F.A.B. concession store. (see this link for more info on F.A.B.) He told us about how military styling heavily influences some of his designs (not shown) as well as describing his style as a modern take on punk. His ethos is to slightly feminise mens clothing giving the designs wider scope for creativity.

You can see in the images that his fashion hero is Vivian Westwood, the young designer is also influenced by Patricia Field , the brains behind the styling in devil wears Prada, sex in the city, ugly Betty and confessions of a shopaholic.

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