Friday, 28 August 2009

2 nil for the fashion independents.

With the arrival of 2 new independent retailers, Liverpool is reclaiming its ability to provide it self with unique and individual apparel.

Firstly in the ever evolving Lewis department store on Renshaw street, with its first floor containing nearly all independent Liverpool designers and retailers, is the new home to the FAB shop. From the creators of F.A.B. (fashion and business magazine, (click here for online issue) the shop is selling entirely one of pieces from 4 hot new scouse designers selling accessories as well as clothes.

(Click all images to enlarge.)

John maines from the 'whatever' label, Has 3 rails selling his collection of playfully punk garments. If you have a little imagination in what you wear then his deconstructionist style including hareem shorts and (a hot off the catwalk look) snoods, for those who don't know, they are scarfs that appear to be hoods. A lot of his clothes are cleverly unisex too.

Jenny Murphy on the other hand only caters for girls but still has slightly punk elements by using lots of pink neon leopard print and her clubby shift dresses are perfect if you want to own something totally original that will make you stand out in the crowd.

For a more classic, vintage dresser another in house designer Helen Brown, is creating evening dresses all with unique twists.

Finally we have Just Jo and Felicity! that will be designing for the new label 'model of Duty'.
A range of T-shirts featuing slogans and icons.

If there are wannabe designers that want to have a go at designing their own t-shirts then F.A.B. are running a competition. 10 lucky winners will have the chance of featuring their designs in the forthcoming F.A.B. fashion show and 1 winner will have their design in the Lewis window display.

For more info pop in the 1st floor of Lewis for a chat with one of the designers on their in store living room or go on to their facebook events page (click here)

The Fab store also provides a 'Make do and mend' alteration and made to measure service.

Now Kirsty Doyles shop has finally opened in the met quarter, i thought I'd pop down to have a gander and take a few snaps of the luxury displays. For all the info on the store from the jewelry range by and the latest collection, click here.

I hear another massive Liverpool favourite is on her way to the met quarter, but you will have to wait to find out who.

Matt. x