Monday, 26 October 2009

Voodou has 1 in 6 chance of bringing a British Hairdressers Award home to Liverpool.

Hair: Phil Gallagher @Voodou.
Photography: Matt Ford.
Make-Up: Hannah Ellen.
Styling and clothes: Sara Han.
Models: Erica Gallagher, Katie Joanna Ewbank, Hollie Swain.
Location: Studio.

This is 4 out of the 8 images that have got us into the finals at the Governors House hotel London Nov 23rd

The British Hairdressers competition is the be all and end all of hair comps. Winning is a career opertunity not to be sniffed at, now how do you think Nicky Clark got his shampoo branding deal?

Salons and there wanna-be celebrity hairdressers can spend litterally 10s of thousands of pounds on photoshoots and re-touching that will hopefiully gain them the respect of the national audience.

Phil Gallagher, the ex London stylist is now voodou's Art Director. His c.v. includes 2 seasons of project catwalk, major fashion shows, and styling heads from Niomi Camble to Kate Moss. (oh and of course my mum).

Now the team above including myself are off to London on the 23rd of November for the british hairdressers awards ceremony. Nerves are starting to kick in as we have a 1 in 6 chance of bringing an award home to Liverpool.

Best of luck. x

British Hairdesser Awards website.
Voodou website.