Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My fashion column going in new 25 thousand copy mag-I need you stories and events!

I've been busy writing the first double page of my fashion column in Liverpool's new magazine due out in late November. Hence why I've took a step back from this blog for a few days.

The magazine is lifestyle, property and of course fashion.

I've been given the choice to show and write what i want in the column, so this is where you come in.

I need to fill it up with lots of events like the fashion shows I'm always hearing about on facebook, e-zines and mail-outs. There's not gonna be room for all of them but if you want you event promoting drop me an email and i'l give it a shout out. (free tickets to give away is always a good way to promote it too and let me know early, as the dead line is a while before its published)

Apart from this the rest of the double page will be filled with some great visuals and some similar stories to whats on here. Hopefully it will be different to anything else you have seen so it a great way to get peoples attention.

I will tell you more when the mag is nearer completion.

Dead line for first issue is the very latest the 16th Nov and it will be published the 26th Nov.