Monday, 17 August 2009

Street Style 1.

Street Style is my new addition to the blog, at the beginning of every week I will post a profile of a different person and ask them all the same 2 basic questions:
1. Who are your style Icons?
2. What inspires your style?

They're all real people with their own choice of outfit on, and rather than grabbing people in the street with outfits they wouldn't really want to be photographed in, they have the chance to plan a good one.
If you want to be in Street Style email me

Jamie Stafford. Occupation: Hairdresser at Voodou for him Bold St.

''I love random clothes,
every week I try to out do my self,
I usually succeed.''
(click images to enlarge.)

''My style is trapped in the 80's, and ever so conservative!
Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith is massively cool and Issy Blow the infamous fashionista is one of my fashion heroes.''

Boots: All Saints.
Jeans: Topshop.
Jacket: Topshop.
T-shirt: All Saints.
Necklace/rings: Vivienne Westwood and Claudia Pink.
Glasses: Oscar Mag Nuson.

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