Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Patriotic shoot. For F.A.B. Magazine Issue 4.

Womens wear:

All jewellery: Claudia PINK . . . (Including Princess Diana ring) £15-£25
Crown: Curious Orange boutique In Grande Central Alternative Shopping Centre. £5

Army Hat: Burscough car boot £12.

Army Coat (Customised to dress) Army Surplus womens wear.
Socks: Topshop.£6
Coat: All Saints ( stylists own)

Ball gown red and white. (black and white pic) Fredrick & Maddison. P.O.R.

Denim shorts: Sara Han Trashed Couture. £40.

Denim Dress: Christopher Parnell. £200.

Beatles Tee: Urban Outfitters. £28.

Red leather boots and blue boots: Urban outfitters. £85 each.
Gold and Leather belt: Urban outfitters. £22.

Mens wear:

Leather hooded coat: Urban Outfitters £120.
Cream knit Jumper: Urban Outtfitters. £26.
bow ties: Urban Outtfitters £12.
braces: Urban Outtfitters. £9
Red Cardigan: Fred Perry Urban Outfitters. £40.
Check Shirt: Urban outfitters. £29.
Mens Boater Hat: Curious Orange boutique -Grand central £20.

Photography: Matt Ford.
Fashion: Natalie Love Diggle.
Hair & Make-up: Hannah Ellen.
Models: Kayleigh and Thomas.

The Patriotic Shoot.