Saturday, 14 May 2011

Matt Ford Interview for

I'll just lift the first bit from the website if you want to read on just click the link at the bottom...


One Liverpool photographer is doing more to get our city ready for its close up than anyone. With his edgy and singular style, it’s just possible Matt Ford might even kill off those stereotypes once and for all, too.


hat do we look like? Well, if you grabbed the chance to watch the VBS hour long documentary ‘Beautiful Liverpool’ on our site last week, we look a little, um, sad.

Who knew our lads were even more orange than our lasses? Who knew everyone in town knows Amanda Moss? Who recognised the city they call home?
Well, in part maybe. But mostly we saw cynicism, desperation and the same, lame targets being coerced into reinforcing the same old stereotypes.
Cheap shots.
So we thought it only fair to redress the balance – and talk to someone who knows the true story. Someone whose refreshing and playful eye focuses in on a city that’s far more interesting, surprising and, yes, stylish than any tired and lazy documentary could ever show.
Because, let’s face it, if you want to know how beautiful we really are, you’ve got to do more than just scratch the surface.......