Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Global Summit for Human Trafficking. (Ethical fashion blog continued)

To see the full fashion shoot and info that was featured in this mag click here.

Well firstly I've got to say how proud I am of the editor, Sophie Welsh, for taking what stated off as a news letter and turning it into a glossy microzine with an initial run of 10'000. Sophie then managed to get an audience with key organisers at the Global Summit for Human Trafficking to discus her plight and publication. Even the Chief of police for the cause now owns a copy.

The microzine, that will be stocked in Liverpool soon, features an ethical fashion shoot with clothes made under humane working conditions and with environmentally friendly resources and more importantly some hard hitting information on human trafficking. With over 800'000 women, children and even men being smuggled across boarders each year for slavery and the sex trade, Sophie hopes to raise awareness and also raise money for the charity with the profits from the microzine.

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