Friday, 19 February 2010

10'000 Firecracker blog views since October...

Yes, 10'000 views.

Anyway, just a little hint on what's coming soon. I've just emailed the finished pics of my 'future fashion' shoot to Select Mag, so as soon as thats out i will post it. (plus 2 exclusive pics will be on here.) The shoot was about forgetting vintage and stealing from the past and looking forward for a change. It ended up being quite a challenge for the stylist and I.

In contrast to this shoot, I've also emailed a couple of pics of the events company Geek Chic to Gossip Magazine, featuring 50's vintage clothes. So keep you eye out for that too. I think the same issue will also feature Hannah Ellen's 1st makeup column that I've done some beauty shots for.

What else is in the pipe line? I've got (finally going ahead) Lola Love's boutique S/S10 collection shoot on Tue. Then the final shoot for Kirsty Doyle's S/S10 Collection. Instead of just a basic look book (ASOS Style) shots, we are going all out on some more creative shots. I've even got a very talented 3D artist working on the back drop as we speak. Absolutely can't wait for this one.

I also hear are about to launch the site, after a few hic-ups. Each week they will now be featuring a different fashion bloggers post. First ones mine! Search them on this blog to find out more about them.

Oh quickly one more thing, (oops I'm already running very late) I've going to see a preview of the Met quarters forthcoming goodies next week. So i think I'm going to incorporate that into a Male and Female fashion wish list for S/S 10. (I'll see if i can blag some stuff to give away on here too.)

Matt. xx