Saturday, 12 September 2009

Street style 3.

Vicky Cartright: Graphic designer/DJ/Promoter/General wearer of blag spectacles.

Vicky's style is influenced by ''Westwood, Anything Vintage, The Face Magazine - before the lazy bastards couldn't be arsed making it anymore.''

Style Icons (and general hero): ''Patsy Stone''

Own Style : ''Kids tv presenter on crack, My new years resolution was to overdress on every occasion"
Shirt - T.M Lewin, Bowtie- Debenhams, Jeans - Topshop, Necklace - Topshop, Ring - Westwood, Earring - Westwood, Shoes - asos, Glasses - asos, Cardigan - Allsaints.

Vicky and Jamie's (see street style 1) new night ''C*nt on Sundays'' will be starting at this Gbar on the 27th of Sep and every Sunday there after. From 11.30pm-3pm.

They have have a strict no cheese music policy. If your into (i quote) ''Electroclash, Indie-Electro, Electronica & Good old reliable House music'' then
click here for the C*nt promo mix, which i must say comes highly recommended.

To visit their facebook page click here.