Monday, 14 November 2011

The Lantern Theatre continues to illuminate the Liverpool Theatre Scene.

The future of one of Liverpool’s most dynamic and vibrant theatres has been secured with the unveiling of ambitious new owners.
The Lantern, in Blundell Street, L1, has re-launched under new management. Inside Out Arts is a family run company who are committed to building on the vision of former owners.
In new proprietor, Margaret Connell, The Lantern is fortunate to have found someone who brings a wealth of experience in both the artistic and administrative sides of running theatrical productions.
Our main aim is to provide an affordable and welcoming alternative venue which will serve as a springboard for young performers.  We aim to deliver a broad programme including comedy, cabaret, music and burlesque, alongside an exciting and challenging theatre programme.  We've already had requests from two young companies in London to bring new work to The Lantern for the Spring season.
The new owners are delighted to confirm that Tiny Giants and the Lantern Theatre Company will continue at The Lantern as company in residence. The recent terrifying production of THE HAUNTING identifies the type of high quality theatre that will be staged.  Margaret is passionate about the performing Arts

I enjoy theatre that challenges but also resonates with an audience, good theatre should make you think and feel.   I love Sarah Kane and Edward Bond.  I love political theatre in the broadest sense; my own area is theatre for social change.  Augusto Boal, the late Brazilian Theatre Practitioner is my hero.  Ken Loach is another favourite.
One of my best theatre memories was Diana Rigg playing Medea at the Liverpool Playhouse nearly 20 years ago.  It was one of the most terrifying and moving productions I have ever seen.

An exciting season of productions demonstrates the commitment of the new management to continue the development of the theatre, as well as bringing new energy and commitment.  Theatre that is Challenging, Exciting and Honest.
“The Lantern has all the attributes a successful theatre needs, and brings a different dimension to the culture of the city.  Inside Out Arts plan to make this an essential part of the artistic diversity on offer in Liverpool. We’ll be making good use of the best talent around, on and off stage.”

Local Writer and Director  John Maguire is  thrilled that the space will continue to platform new work.
(Photo Matt Ford)

John directed GRIN PRODUCTIONS original play  MEXICO  by Wes Williams in July and will be returning to the space early 2012, staging  his piece BRUISE.
 The Lantern has a real bohemian charm, a spit and sawdust venue and I am delighted that BRUISE will be staged next year.
Bruise is an explosive piece of writing, exploring the destructive forces that compel two opposing characters to stay united in a complex, bitter, yet somewhere along the lines loving relationship. It illustrates the diverse ways one can be “bruised“, physically, psychologically, mentally and in a way that cannot be explained by mere language.
The Lantern is an ideal venue to stage this intimate and involved piece of theatre.

BRUISE will be staged 24th and 25th February 2012