Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Death by Glitter Vogue Ball 2011

Photos Matt Ford.
Words John Maguire.

All that Glitters is not gold.............
House of Suarez presents The Death by Glitter Vogue Ball

Saturday night at The Black –E, House of Suarez premiered a dance  piece, “Death By Glitter”, 
a craftfully choreographed work with hints of Butoh and Ballet, a sensory overload. Underground chi-chi ecstasy!
The pool of life is clearly a pool of talent and the ballsy attitude and sheer enjoyment of each performer was wonderful electric.
The Audience enthusiastically encouraged and  were as energised as the participants.

LJMU Fashion Students designed a couture dress in 48 hours for the House of Seen. The outfit was created completely from back issues of SEEN and modelled by Amy Faith. (see top pic)

The Vogue Ball   Contest was divided into Bizarre/Club Freak, Solo, Femme Butch Realness and Erotica. A raw fierce battle to bring the prizes home. The Aficionado’s of outrage worked the catwalk, in a contest of craft, damage and glamour meets puffed up peacock sexuality. All played out to booming thrusting live mixed tunes,  that resonated around the Black-E, pulsating through the performers. Creativity and the imaginative are the lifeblood of these evenings of trash decadence. So much more than merely striking a pose.

FIRECRACKER discussed next years ball with House of Suarez Founder, Darren Suarez backstage at the shoot for this years poster, he ensures that it will be less of this years camp and more about the battle.