Friday, 1 July 2011

Catch up.

Firecracker is back from having a well deserved month off. Time spent wisely planning my big exhibition for this winter...
There are a few good posts due out soon though, including work I have been doing with Grin Productions on their latest Play Mexico. The play is on 29th-30th July at the Lantern theatre.
I've also been working with Liverpool's coolest H.P.G's (High Profile Gays) for this years Pride poster and brochure. It's in the designers getting the finishing touches as we speak. I've also been working on this years Vogue Ball poster for Darren Suarez. I can't give too much away but I can tell you the shoot involved a naked man, a paddling pool, 70kg of sand and more glitter than you can shake a love glue gun at... 

Here are last years posters.

I've got a shot in this weeks Look Magazine, so here's a little shout to that.