Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Winter fashion, without further a do!

We had to shoot this (due to everybody's availability) a few months back knowing it might not be published for a while. 

We've avoided big trends and stuck to contemporary winter classics that can easily be taken through to your spring wardrobe.


Firetrap and Hugo Boss can be found in the Met Quarter
Ressurection can be found on Bold Street. 
The Tom Ford Glasses can be found at Blankstone Opticians, Derby Square. By the Queen Victoria Statue. 

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Jumper - firetrap. Pants - hugo boss. Trainers - firetrap

Hat - Stylists own. Jumper and pants - Ressurection

Padded shirt and cords - Ressurection. boots - Models own

Jacket - hugo boss. shirt - Firetrap. Pants - Ressurection. Boots - models own

 Velvet Jacket - hugo boss. Glasses - Tom Ford

 Velvet Jacket - hugo boss. Glasses - Tom Ford

 Velvet Jacket - hugo boss. Glasses - Tom Ford

Snood - firetrap. Jeans - ressurection

Photos Matt Ford.
Fashion KMR Styling.
Model Neil Lumberg. 

This shoot was taken for the for The brand new His and Hers Magazine. 



Just got hold of the copy of His and Hers Magazine, Looks like I made it on to The Hot 100 list. Number 7 no less. Well ok it's in no particular order but still good going!