Monday, 11 October 2010

Knit wits.

We all love a bit of comedy knit wear. Well I know I do anyway and I don't just mean on Christmas day off your nan. With miserable cold days on the way and the usual subdued colour pallet of A/Ws apparel, our wardrobes could do with a much needed splash of fun.

Take my new chunky knit smiley face hat from River Island, with it's black wool bobble at the top (just out of shot) and my 'blag glasses', it takes the geek chic look to another level. Ok I look a little train spotterish but what the hell. I like it! However if you cut the bobble out and take the glasses off, (which I did. Due to the fact Im not actually blind) you create a totally different look. A lot more wearable for the less adventurous but still a cute style statement.

If you want to take it one step further take a look downstairs in Resurrection Bold Street at their latest selection of retro knits. They're a perfectly cozy way to brighten up a lazy Sunday afternoon.

These three guys wearing them in the picture are from the band Juice. They are a Pop/Rock band based in North England. With influences from some of the biggest guilty pleasures this side of the Millennium. For instance McFLY, Busted, Fall Out Boy and Paramour. To avoid the cliché 'king of Leon' check shirt look, that's now become a staple rather then a just a trend, we decided to brave this look on one of the shots. Probably not their first choice but they don't take them selves too seriously so they can definitely get away with it!

I've had a quick look to see what the high street retailers have on offer this year, the Urban Outfitters black and white 'french sailor' look isn't quite comedy but I just love the slightly animated feel to it. Very J.P.G.
The girls selection I've chose from is a lot more style conscious, so you can still look sophisticated and have fun with it.

Matt. X