Monday, 21 June 2010

My interview for Liverpool Pride.

Liverpool's first official Pride will be 7th Aug. Click here to see the poster or look a little further down on the blog.

Taken from the Pride website and blog.....

Disco trees and diva strops with the man behind our photos, Matt Ford

Liverpool Pride caught up with local fashion photographer and blogger Matt Ford – the man behind the incredible photographs in our posters – to talk diva strops, disco trees and why he’s so excited about Liverpool Pride.
The uber-talented Matt Ford is a well-known face on the Liverpool fashion circuit, but even if you haven’t heard of him, there’s no doubt you may have seen his work.
Specialising in fashion photography, he’s also worked on documenting Homotopia – Liverpool’s critically acclaimed queer arts festival – and is working on the advertisements for the forthcoming Justice Vogue Ball, which is sure to be a highlight in the LGB&T calendar.
And he’s rather excited about the festival too: “Liverpool gay scene is very mixed anyway, so it’s nice to have a day that welcomes everyone – regardless of sexuality, or age.
“I thought, if there's going to be a poster, I've got to do it!" explains Matt.
It isn’t the photographer’s first experience of a pride festival – he once appeared on a float at Manchester Pride as a disco tree. We’re assured it was a lot cooler than it sounds, but we think you probably had to be there.
As well as a talent for dressing up, Matt also has a wealth of experience that makes him one of Liverpool’s greatest talents. Initially training as a make-up artist, he then got a job as a photographer’s assistant and learnt on the job – doing 14 shoots a week.
“I’d definitely recommend experience over qualifications,” says Matt. “I always tell wannabe fashion photographers to get themselves to fashion shows – even if that’s not the kind of photography they want to do –it’s all about meeting people and experimenting.”
So has much changed since Matt started out in the industry?
“One major change is that the increasing popularity of digital photography has meant that people expect photographs the next day.
“I’m self taught so I don’t have a great deal of technical knowledge – I’m just interested in taking great photographs,” he adds.
With a growing number of Liverpool ladies fancying their chances as the next Amanda Harrington, what advice would Matt offer to ensure maximum success? “Don’t pay agency fees! There are a lot of rip off agencies out there. To be honest, if you’re that good, you shouldn’t have to pay,” he begins.
“Also, see if you can get some free shots. There are always photographers who need models, so put yourself out there.”
And what kind of attitude should a successful model have, we wonder? “You’ve got to be open-minded, and learn to listen. Don’t throw any diva strops either. Often, the nicer, better behaved models will get the job over the better looking models, so it’s very important to have the right attitude”.

Don't forget - the festival on 7 August 2010 is completely free with no tickets or wristbands.