Thursday, 22 April 2010

'For the Love of it!' Backstage interview with models Erica and Greta.

Photo taken upstairs at Gusto. Before the Private Ladies Lunch and Kirsty Doyle Fashion Show. 
With modelling seeming to be the favourite past time of so many scouse girls and all of them clambering to get the best job's. I wonder with often little or no budget to pay them, why they do it? Now don't get me wrong, I've worked on shoots and the model can earn up to £400 after the agencies commission. So it can be well worth pursuing on a financial bases. One agency in Liverpool wont even book models for a show for any less than £250 each.

A few modelling agency I know have over 100 working models on the books. Surely there can't be that much money in the pot to keep them all in brand new hair extensions and Christian Louboutin's?

Erica (left), Has worked on fashion shows for House of Suga, Clothes show live and Matalan, plus shoots for Lifestyle magazine and The picture Mill (Manchester) She tells me only one of these Jobs has been a paid one.

Matt, ''So why do it then? Does it not bother you not being paid?''

Erica, '' I'm not bothered about not being paid, I'm more happy just to get my name out there for now, and see what happens. I have plans to start my own business, be my own boss and actually use my brain. Modelling is just a side line, that I would love to make some good money out of it when i'm more established.
 For now I just love being able to say I've worked with this Boutique or that designer. Plus I get a buzz when all eyes are on my on the catwalk.''

Matt,  ''Do you think some girls take it too seriously?''

Erica, ''When I first started working on shows I expected there to be a bitchy atmosphere and some seriously ego's. There have been a few encounters of girls who are a bit above them selves and actually think there gonna be the new Kate Moss, but generally its a fun atmosphere and not as bad as I feared. So now I do it just because I love it''

Matt. x