Thursday, 23 July 2009

Industry Style: Fashion designer Kirsty Doyle.

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Kirsty Doyle one of Liverpool's most accredited fashion designers. Kirsty began at a market stall in Liverpool's infamous Great Homer Street Market with fellow designer Hayley Robertson, selling clothes for her then Rapscallion Label.

After winning the first series of the massively successful reality t.v. show Project Catwalk, Kirsty's designs grew in popularity, and she has now become an ambassador for the Liverpool fashion industry.

Her clothes have been featured in Harper's Bazaar and will also soon be stocked as far away as L.A. (more news on Kirsty in the July fashion update.)

Kirsty describes her style as 'contemporary chic.'

Scarf and Leggings: H&M, Dress: Kirsty Doyle, Shoes: Zara.

Kirsty's latest collections will heavily be influenced by origami. As you can tell from the dress she is wearing.

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Kirsty's clothes are available to buy from and